The department emphasis the use of learning tools for the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Role-play, case study, project work, practical exposure, assignments, quiz, seminars, industry visits are some of the methods used for teaching learning process. The curriculum provides not only technical knowledge but also the exposure to recent technologies. To impart good quality engineering education, the department focuses on development of practical and application oriented minds. It is our attempt to make students learn by doing rather than by simply learning of topics and subjects. IT department is making progress in leaps and bounds towards achieving excellence for the holistic development of its students. Our students have outshined in all walks of life and are making their parents and us proud. We follow best practices, have International partnerships and groom our students to be through professionals.

The vibrant faculty members of the department possess demonstrated expertise in many areas of information technology and flair for teaching different courses. The department consists of a medley of faculty members with industrial and academic experience. The department has qualified and experienced faculty in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks, Database Systems, Web Technology, Wireless and Sensor Networks, and Operating System. There are fully equipped laboratories in department such as: Computer Programming Lab, DBMS Lab, Software Engineering Lab etc. Research in the department focuses on creating and evaluating innovative learning that is inspired by technical progress. The department has organized even an international conferences.

The department of Information Technology is committed to nurture professional manpower, competent and responsive to the challenges of a dynamic and vibrant society.